among us hacked menu


Lots of interesting and useful functions, easy to use and undetactable.

This hack was created by a talented team of coders that have fun cracking games and finding exploits, we are simply providing this tool for research purposes. You can download it for free and test it to see if it works with the latest game version installed.

MOD MENU – Undetectable Hack v3.0

Are you looking to dominate your among us games and destroy the competition? Now you can always be the impostor whenever you feel like hunting other players down and also enjoy a plethora of different options to cheat and win the games.

  • No Kill Cooldown
  • End Vote
  • Move In Meeting
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • Increased Report Distance
  • Always Impostor

How to USE Apk Menu Hack

This is the only working APK moded hack for your smartphone that is currently working! For it to work firstly download it and then follow this simple instructions:

  • Remove original game
  • Install modded APK
  • Enjoy!

Working Modded APK for Mobile (OCTOBER)

We will be updating this page with the latest version of the MOD Hack for you to enjoy! Feel free to comeback and check our updates.