When Among Us Is Coming To PS4

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Among Us may be coming out on the PS4 or PS5 in the future, but Innersloth needs to figure out Among Us’ one big problem: player communication.

Among Us, originally released in 2018, has recently soared to success after many Twitch streamers began playing the game. As of right now, Among Us is only available to PC or mobile players, with the PC version costing $5 on Steam and the mobile version of Among Us being free with ads. Even though the game is does not require expensive equipment, many PS4 owners still want to get in on the fun. Many people are wondering when Among Us is going to finally release on PS4. Right now, there is no set release date for Among Us on PS4, but the game is sure to hit the PlayStation Store sometime in the future.

Last month, Among Us hit a whopping 1.5 million concurrent players. Currently being the #1 watched game on Twitch, it only makes sense that Innersloth’s next step would be a PS4 port. Even though this is on the team’s radar, there are a couple main problems that are stopping Among Us from coming to PS4. The developer also mentioned that Among Us 2 was likely to come to console, so now that the sequel is canceled, how much longer will it be until Among Us‘ PS4 port releases?

Innersloth’s main concern for a console port of Among Us is player communication. Communication is hard for random players who don’t know each other, and Innersloth needs to find a way to allow players voice or text communication on PS4. A quick comms system would have to be in place, with Rocket League‘s system as a great example. Even with this, simple text prompts may not be able to get enough info across in a complicated game such as Among Us.

When Among Us Console Ports Are Coming

It may be a while before Innersloth even gets to designing this system and working on the port, due to the small development team. The developers have also have said that they will be working on a new map, new features, and more, so there is no telling when they’ll get to porting Among Us to PS4. However they have stated that all content that was going into Among Us 2 will now be going into Among Us, meaning a PS4 port will definitely exist in the future.

Player communication is an extra hard challenge to tackle due to the nature of PS4 communication. Most people play in PS4 party chat through voice, and text chat can become annoying due to how long it takes to type out a message with the joystick. Because of these factors, there is no optimal communication system for the player to get exactly what they want to say across to other players. Hopefully Among Us‘ PS4 port will have in-game voice chat included.

As of now, it is clear that Among Us on PS4 will not release for quite some time still. However, Innersloth is thinking about porting the game to console players, and has already stated that they will be continuing to update and add more and more content to the game. Chances are that the game is likely to release sometime next year on the PS5 and PS4 through the PlayStation Store. Until then, console owners can play Among Us on their mobile devices.

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